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            Welcome one and all to my number one Idol, Legato Bluesummers! The Blue Wind of Death! A glorious tragedy! A beautiful one at that! So please enjoy his wonderful glory of what is Legato Bluesummers!


Above is a link for all you Legato-Fans out there, because how could you resist such a beautiful Tragedy?! Well anywho, I'm fan 364! What number will you be?

Here are some uber awesome pictures of my idol Legato!








Legato Quotes:

"I've come here to warn you, I'm afraid your life is going to end, today."
"Your reaction was better than I hoped, your fun. And to think I could kill ever man women and child here in a blink of an eye if I wanted to...The power of death is intoxicating..."
"And don't worry, no one else has to get hurt, you wanna draw?"
"Its not wise to be hasty. I intend on destroying all of man kind right down to the very last speck of dust yet, why is it you intend on meeting your death sooner?"
"It really is a shame what happened here today. But now you know just how much pain there is in living."

"That's unusual for me; I usually don't waste my time on vermin like that. It must be the way you look, Vash the Stampede, your very existence seems to cause me undue irritation..."
"It doesn't have to be all of them, just kill half of them this time around..."
"Hardly I would never use all that talent on one target my respect for you is higher than that wouldn't you agree...Dominique?"
"I always believed that an audience gets more pleasure out of a drama with a twist. Its a simple equation, the greater the tragedy, the greater the emotional effect."
"Are you actually crying Vash the Stampede? That is wonderful, truly wonderful..."